Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pigs, Dancers and Beautiful Gardens

You might wonder what a pig, some dancers and beautiful gardens all have in common! They were all part of a wonderful day hosted by our friends Debbie and Joel. Well maybe not so wonderful for the pig - he was the barbeque part, all 119 pounds of him. I've never seen a whole roasted pig but Wally, the magnificent chef did a very discreet and excellent job of turning this into pulled pork.

The barbeque was to honor the dance troupe Terpsicorps that pays a visit to Asheville once a year. The dancers come from all over, some are already dancing professionally, some are still in school studying dance. They are all excellent, in wonderful shape and as Debbie says, you can always spot them as they'll be standing in some "dance postition" without even realizing they're doing so.
Debbie (our hostess) makes beautiful quilts but has taken a break to tend her gardens. She keeps her machine under the watchful eye of her furry friend.
The gardens are magnificent; we were first welcomed by some very friendly frogs....
and not to be outdone by some very "smart" rocks.

and a more "comfortable than it looks" bench.
At one point we found a very lazy bear.
and sleepy rabbit.
And always surrounded by butterflies....

And the gardens, they took our breath away
with all the natural stone.
and terracing

There's nothing like beautiful rocks to set off colorful flowers.

I think if I were a frog, bear, rabbit, bench, butterfly or rock (smart or not) I would want to hang out here also.

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