Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shady Ladies - Amazing Ladies (Once Again!!)

The Shady Ladies of Waynesville has their annual quilt show going on this weekend at Lake Logan retreat center. The group, founded by Jane Cole and Wendy Bowen meets weekly to work on projects, learn new things, brainstorm, socialize and enjoy each others latest accomplishments. The talent from this group is amazing. They wow me each year with their latest quilts and their annual challenge which is always so interesting and unique. This year, the Ladies were to use a photograph they took themselves and interpret it into fabric. The size limitation was 20 x 30 give or take and they couldn't use photo transfers in their piece. Following are some of the photos followed by the piece inspired by the photo. "Growth Rings" by Wendy Bowen....
became this.

Chris Regina took this photo and made it into
"The Myrtles"

Sally Pollock created "Willemstad" from this photo.

The "Centenarians" by Wendy Bowen was wonderful.  The shading was done using layers of tulle, sometimes 1 layer and sometimes 2 or was so effective!

Plum Blossoms by Jane Cole was a beautiful piece as is everything Jane does.

This is just a small sampling of the wonderful quilts you'll see if you drop by.

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