Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Bern, NC and the Twin Rivers Quilters

I just returned from teaching at the Twin Rivers Quilters Guild in New Bern, NC - the opposite side of the state from me, on the water. It's a wonderful guild and I'll be remembering this trip for a long time. I was treated royally. For starters, I was put up in this wonderful hotel with my own balcony  that had this amazing view!

This was another view from my balcony.
And I just love this post in the water, think it might make an interesting print.
The skies were glorious, both morning and night.

I loved this picture of a dock, so simple and a peaceful place to be.
Critters everywhere just knowing someone was going to feed them.
And interesting roots and trees.
And amazing buildings.

Some amazing big old homes.
There's a very old hardware store downtown that's been there forever. Their windows are amazing with every kind of old artifact you can imagine. Unfortunately I was there when it was closed, but heard it has everything!

There's more to come, some very clever and arty bears, great ladies/students and projects and some more beautiful skies, so please join me again.

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