Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Photography Adventure

Last week while at our PTA meeting, myself, Cathy and Kate grabbed the opportunity to go outside and take some pictures. Dort L, our hostess lives on 50 beautiful acres, filled with history, lots of little outbuildings, barns and other interesting things. I have a folder called my "Americana" file, filled with pictures of old time America - maybe a future quilt. I loved this little barn
which I turned into a black and white image in Photoshop Elements.
and then a line drawing for a possible silkscreen.
One of the neat things we found on this very short but fun adventure was this charming old tub surrounded by greenery. It looks as though they were planted there on purpose. They seem to "frame" the tub.
I loved the old faucets....
also turned into a line drawing for a possible screen.
And here's Cathy being a big ham and a good sport.
I love old chairs and this one was perfect. I have it in my head to do a quilt of old chairs someday.
The trees and plants on Dort's property are just wonderful; this crabapple caught my eye
enough to turn into a line drawing.
This wonderful old wooden flatbed -wonder what it was used for in it's "hayday"- maybe hay.
I think it will make an interesting screen as the image is very distinct.
And this old gate, I love it!
and a good line drawing also so it will probably become a screen.
There are many more images to share, so stay tuned for further adventures in photography at Dorts.

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