Saturday, September 10, 2011

PTA Continued

To continue our wonderful Show and Tell from our PTA meeting, Gen G is one of our most talented members, there is nothing she can't do or won't try. Each meeting brings wonderful surprises from Gen. She is a fantastic knitter - a skill I've always been envious of since the only thing I can knit is a scarf.....on big needles....with one kind of stitch. How many knitted scarfs can a gal use?! I love the socks that Gen makes - They are so soft and lovely, and quite frankly
too pretty to wear. I think I would just have them nearby to admire and touch. But just think how great these must feel on a cold winter's day.
Georgia B does a retreat each year with Charlotte Warr Anderson in Montana. They each come up with very different and wonderful projects. Everyone attending has the opportunity to take both classes. This is the project for this year. The blue cowboy fabric is wonderful in this piece.

Dort L is on a roll with her series of birds. Dort received a lot of fat quarters from her kids and is making good use of them in this series. Dort has a great eye for mixing prints together and capturing some great perspective such as this bird in flight.

I love this last piece by Dort; the bench is made entirely out of ribbons - amazing!
Join me again soon for our wonderful photography adventure on Dorts property.

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