Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Herbie the Handsome Parrot

A while back, I was working on new samples for upcoming workshops at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in 2013.  I've taught this workshop before - as "technique" orientated, this time, there will be a choice of projects. The latest sample was put on hold since our little granddaughter entered this world.  Life is back to semi-normal and back to my studio. Here is sample # 2, using bobbinwork and couching threads.  When working with couching threads, I usually prefer to use a decorative stitch;  the threadwork is more prominent on the edge.
 I used some of my hand marbled fabric for his tail feathers.  Marbled fabric is fun to quilt as you have a natural line to follow.
 Parrots are such beautiful birds; looking online for color ideas was overwhelming and amazing.  Their color combinations are endless. I like to keep the couching thread the same color as the fabric.  I use Candlelight from YLI which is soft and very drape-able. Stiffer threads don't lay on the fabric as nicely; when using so much thread, this can make a difference in the overall feel of the piece when finished.
 A little frog for interest - he is embroidered from the top with Burmilana thread and a size 16 topstitch needle.
 I also love Burmilana for surface embellishment.  My favorite stitch using Lana is the machine buttonhole stitch.  It makes such a pretty, clean edge.
 Lana is also a very dull (non-shiny) thread resembling wool which provides a nice contrast when used with the very shiny Candlelight. The leaf below has also been shaded with paintsticks - another favorite of mine.
 And here's the finished piece - Herbie - the Handsome Birdie.
Til next time....

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