Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Decisions and Red Noses

I rarely get sick so I guess I was due for this. I've been battling the typical winter stuff that turned into bronchitis, for the past 2 1/2 weeks, trying to get some things done on better days.  I'm on my 4th box of "Puffs" (200 tissues per box) so my poor little nose is so red and sore.  I think I could be a contender to pull Santa's sleigh   ( - :  
I've been trying to quilt on my "Enchanted Village" piece as I promised it for the teacher's exhibit at Mid-Atlantic this February where I'll be teaching.  I figured this commitment would force me to finish.  I've always loved using the rayon threads for decorative work (top row) but couldn't get them in my local quilt shop.  They've switched to polyester (bottom row) for its strength and ease of use.  They had some wonderful colors and not wanting to hunt down the rayon, I decided to give it a try. It worked fine but didn't have as much of a surface presence as the rayon which is more loosely twisted.  I liked working with it but think I still prefer the rayon. 
The Candlelight was used to make curls around the tree branches to give a little movement.
And the Sliver added a little glitz here and there. It's really quite subtle on the surface as I used it sparingly.
I want to bind the edge with something - just a narrow strip of color.  I thought black might be too strong but might work if it's narrow.
I also have a warm brown I'm thinking about...
and a cooler brown (on left)
The green is the fabric I used on the back, don't think it works but thought I would just throw it in for consideration.
Any thoughts?
Hope you're having a good day.

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  1. I vote for the black which frames and contains the piece nicely. Perhaps it's an expected choice but it works.