Friday, January 11, 2013


I've been looking through picture files for inspiration; I've been good about finishing up UFOs and am now looking for ideas for future pieces.  I love printing on fabric so some of these may wind up like that. I also love the technique which uses an acrylic medium to transfer the picture to fabric;  this gives an older look to the piece. I love this building we found on a recent trip to New York; it's a little blurry but the building is hauntingly beautiful. I'm sure I'll find a way to use it or a portion of it.
I love old country roads and there were plenty of them in upstate NY. The old stone walls along the edge were my favorite part.
 I've always been drawn to rocks and crumbling walls which were everywhere.
The old Huguenot village was amazing to see with such beautiful stonework.
The doors were so small, my 6' tall husband had to bend his head to go through.  The windows were all hand blown glass - another favorite of mine.
And the openings for guns in all the houses.  I really like this photo, I will probably use it out of context and do something weird with it.
I'm intrigued with cemeteries and old tombstones.  These dated back hundreds of years.
The writing filled the entire tombstone.
It was one of those magical days, walking through this old town and becoming a part of the past if only for a short time.
I never go anywhere without taking pictures of trees...and winter trees are my favorite with all the wonderful configurations.
and a tree in front of a church steeple - an added bonus.
and this old shed with moss all over it. I really like the door and will probably incorporate it into  something.
I still have a few unfinished small pieces and am determined to get those out of the way before I dive into something new, that's my goal anyway and hope I can stick to it.

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