Monday, March 4, 2013

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

I've been home from Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival for a week and have been anxious to share my adventure.  
Our trip up to Hampton was crazy, crowded and lots of fun with plenty of food including homemade cookies to munch along the way.
We got in earlier than most folks as we were judging the next day, allowing us to pick rooms next to each other and also finding time for a little silliness.
We unpacked and everyone had to try on Linda's funny slippers - we all wanted "duck feet".
Being there early was great for seeing the quilts up close and personal. This was one of my favorites -  Green Miles by Peggy Kragnes.  It was truly breathtaking in person.
Euphoria by Marilyn Badger was a beauty also.
Being a nature lover, I fell in love with Coleus up Close by Sue Colozzi. It felt like you were looking at the real thing.
My Layered Nature-scapes was a new workshop;  I was anxious to see what everyone did as well as share it with you. It was amazing to see the great things these gals came up with, such an incredibly creative group.  They started with a base piece and painted silk organza to layer on top, something subtle so the base would show through.  Most of the following are the base pieces before the top layer.
They silk screened as well as created images out of fabric for the base.
This gal wanted a spooky moon which she created by adding paint to the fabric on left.
I was pleased to see how everyone painted their organza very lightly and subtle so their background would show through.
Jeni layered hers early on so you can get an idea of how the finished piece will look.  She was adding more images to the sheer layer.
I think it's going to be a wonderful piece.
Denise did an underwater theme with Humpback whales; this is just the base. Her top layer added so much depth and she actually finished it in time to bring to Show and Tell on Saturday night.  Show and Tell is the closing event for workshops at Mancuso shows. Students have the opportunity to show what that did and give others a chance to see what they might like to take in the future. It's great fun and always inspiring.
I must say I was prouder than a Peacock to see what all my students in all 3 classes came up with, such wonderful skills and creativity. I think every one of them stepped outside the box and I couldn't be happier. They made my week so my ladies....if you are reading this - Thank You! You are all amazing and I hope to see and work with you again.

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