Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You'll never know what you'll find

When I visit my daughter in "Cabbage Town in Atlanta, we always take these wonderful walks. I don't know how the name originated but it's a very old part of Atlanta and in the process of being gentrified. Her neighborhood brings back memories of my growing up years; I lived in a neighborhood, just a neighborhood, real sidewalks on both sides of the street, no Home Owner's Association, houses close together so you could keep an eye out for your neighbor friends. It's kind of like that where she lives.
 As we walked around, we saw some wonderful and interesting yard art.
 I've always loved yard art, but not the conventional kind.  I like to scour Goodwill and the flea markets
 This was a bit over the top, but really fun to stop and read.
 I loved this metallic sculpture...
and the old hula hoop...
 a red torso with arms and legs growing out of the ground.
 I love the sculptures on top of the slate columns and the rusted iron works.
 This old sign on one of the buildings was one of my favorites - the site of the old neighborhood grocery.
 But this wonderful tree was my absolute favorite. I scanned the picture into Photoshop
and using a filter, made it into a "photocopy" which I'll now make into a silkscreen.
Til next time....

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