Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fiber Junkies continued - The Results

Some more great results using the pastes. Val had some wonderful fabrics to start with.
I'm interested to see if you can add a watery silk paint to the surrounding area once it's dry.  It dries very hard but not sure how soluble it is. I also thought of dipping it into an Indigo bath as that's a very quick process and the paste images might hold up to that.
You can see the final results here.Val will do something wonderful with it.
I loved the bamboo stencil that Kate brought. It was quite large so I needed a longer piece of fabric which luckily I had. It's very faint on the fabric - a thought was to use paint sticks and to do some shading inside the bamboo.
Val did some wonderful little flower pussy willow type image on dyed fabric.
And drying in the sun - what a perfect day for doing this.
Lounge chairs came in handy as a "drying rack"
Kate likes to rescue "not so pretty" fabric and make it into a beauty. This was a piece (original part on bottom) I gave her and when she pulled it out I thought - now this will be a challenge, but she did a great job - I want it back!  (-:
And I loved the jellyfish. I did this in the glass crystals and when I came back to check, it had dried clear and sparkly - wasn't expecting that. You can see in the upper right corner below.
so I did another print right next to it.  This is another stencil I'm making into a silk screen.
Til next time..

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  1. Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun. Thanks for showing the photos.