Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quilts for Veterans

My husband's high school has a reunion every 5 years - he enjoys them; I, however, was hesitant not knowing anyone.  The first one - many years ago, turned out to be great fun. I met an old friend from college married to a high school classmate of my husband AND a number of quilters. Needless to say, I've looked forward to them ever since.
One of the gals I met was Donna Belford who loves quilting as much as I do. We became instant friends and the friendship has grown over the years. Even though I only see her at reunions, we can easily pick up where we left off.
She especially loves making quilts for veterans and has a group she heads up for this purpose. The ladies meet regularly - all have different jobs and ones they love to do. Some do the piecing, some the quilting and so on. Donna does the most tedious (I think) as she prepares the fabric - washing, ironing and cutting to organize them into kits to give out.
The last day of the reunion is always held at Islip beach for hugs, goodbyes and lots of donuts and coffee beforehand. Donna brought some of the tops ready to be quilted. They were lovely with such great color combinations.
She said the veterans love the colorful ones and don't always pick the patriotic colors,
but she always includes some patriotic fabric in each one.
They were wonderful to see but especially great was to hear the many stories she had to share from the vets.
The backs have an embroidered label..."Thank you for your courage and service in our armed forces. You are our hero". Indeed they are and what a great tribute to them.
Donna is a great lady who does so much for so many. I'm very thankful for reunions, without them I never would have met her - Love you Donna.

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