Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ice Dyeing Scarves

I've been doing some ice dyeing in preparation for the Southern Highland Craft Fair coming up next week. I found a good system for laying the scarves on top of the trays. I bought some vinyl shelving at a home improvement store - 24" wide and 6' long.  I was worried about the lip on the front side of the shelf - maybe preventing it from lying flat. But the trays were 22" wide and the shelving cleared it. Perfect, off to a good start.
I used 2 large new cats pans underneath lengthwise ..
and the shelving on top giving me a long continuous working area although I did keep the scarves separated because of color.
I've been using a lot of bamboo rayon and love the results.  A while back I ordered one of each kind of rayon scarf (they had bamboo, regular, shawls etc.) plus a yard of rayon to see how they would work with this technique. I've used rayon before with the procion mx dyes and they do very well so I thought - why not.
I didn't use the crushed ice this time around as I didn't have an ice crusher. These two batches were done side by side with about 8" to separate them.
The gold, mustard and brown were first, left uncovered while I worked on the second set of navy, electric blue and royal blue. Some of the sneaky little blue dye particles wandered over into my gold scarves.
What a surprise when I uncovered them the next morning to find this. You can see - this scarf was closest to the blue batch and reaped the benefits of migration.  I really liked the effect and am wanting to try this again.
I really like using ice - it creates such a crystalline effect.
I wrote down the colors I used - something I usually don't do as it really doesn't matter but in this case, making scarves to sell - thought I should have a record. I used 3 different blues on this batch and was so surprised to see the amount of purple. I had to go back and check to make sure I really used all blues.
There was a lot of color splitting with this group of dyes, but I love the surprises - sometimes good and sometimes not so good... this time it was good.
I dyed 3 scarves in each color way and depending where the dye was sprinkled, really changed the look of the scarf.  This one was a lot lighter.


  1. Love the scarves, have not tried to ice dye scarves yet but I will after seeing your results.

  2. Fantastic!! And I will have to look into those shelves rather than the cookie racks I have been using!!

  3. Love the scarves Judy. I also like your new web site just checked it out recently.

  4. brilliant colorwork! LeeAnna Paylor

  5. Since I was lucky enough to see your results in person...I can report they are even more beautiful than the photos posted. There's no reason to crush the ice....can't argue with perfection!

  6. Beautiful! I love the serendipity of ice dyeing along with the movement.

  7. Thanks everyone...The process is so much fun and you really do get lots of surprises! Judy

  8. The scarves are lovely and I agree with you, the process is very fun!