Friday, December 13, 2013

PTA Holiday Party

It's been a while since my last post - a crazy time of year and I thank you for hanging in there with me. We had our annual PTA holiday party yesterday at my house - this is one of the most fun events of the year.
We arrived at around 10"30 - plenty of coffee, tea, bubbly and lots of snick snacks before lunch. Heaven forbid we starve in the interim.
Lots of chances to visit and catch up.
And we just made it - 12 people (with 2 leaves in the table), a little squeezed but fun to be able to all sit together - no chance of missing anything being said.
Next was Show and Tell, not as much as usual as we're all getting ready for the holidays but we all loved seeing the latest from....
Connie who did this as a commission piece.
Connie often uses Rick Rack on her quilts and does it so effectively. I've always loved Rick Rack; it's so vintage but a very strong presence. Connie has the magic touch with it.
Lynne finished her beautiful piece with such lovely warm colors...and
she also showed us this piece done for a commission.  It's not yet quilted but look forward to seeing it finished.
Mary S showed us her latest and her never ending quest to use up her black and white fabrics. It's such an effective background.  I love the black and white polka dot leaf.
And Linda C showed us her foot with her HAND KNITTED SOCKS which super impresses me that anyone can make socks. Linda has just recently learned to knit and already tackling socks!
Our "White Elephant" gift exchange got off to a good start and was, as always great fun.  Gen picked Linda's package, this was one of Linda's first knitting projects. Remember the old Grannie caps....? Gen looks adorable and is such a good sport!
Janice is still wondering what it is in the package she opened....hmmmm.....
Dort got some wonderful large poinsettia head gear...
and books.
Well, we did have some "interesting" and funny gifts that we decided to share with our dear friend and PTA member - Georgia who was out of town and missed the party.
I think she'll be incredibly happy and impressed with our thoughtfulness.....  (-:
Can't wait to see how much she loves her new treasures.
Last thing on the agenda - a group picture to say hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

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