Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trading my fabric for....

a glue gun....for just a little while. I love looking through catalogs around the holidays to get ideas for new decorations. I do get a bit obsessive over holiday decorating, don't know why as it's up for such a short time but I love it just the same.
 I saw this in Pottery Barn - (a store I could live in) and thought I could make this pine cone tree myself, how hard could it be and ohhhh.....the money I would save.
So I bought the biggest styrofoam form I could find.
which I had to spray paint with brown so the white wouldn't show through.
I found these huge pine cones at a craft store. I thought I'll take them apart in a few minutes and then I'll be off and running. I'll have this done in no time at all.
First came the scissors - not strong enough, then the wire cutters - okay but not great,. I found this saw in hubbys workshop but that didn't work at all - last came the garden snips which seemed to do best of all but still not great.
It took lots of twisting to get the little pine pieces off.
and left with with a little flower like top.  I had to mark each row all around so they wouldn't wind up on a slant and use a glue gun to put each in place.
So...many, many hours later, I happily finished it. I kinda got into a rhythm once I separated the cones and I am happy with the way it turned out but I'm laughing out loud thinking of that silly Master Card commercial....                            
                                                    stryofoam - $8 with a coupon
                                                    pinecones - $ 9 for 3 of them
                                                    paint         - $5
                                                    large package of glue sticks  - 7
                                                    One pair of very sore hands

                                                    Having the "fun" of making it yourself....."priceless"....hmmmmmmmm I wonder...

Taking a short hiatus while my company is here....Have a wonderful Thanksgiving


  1. You could begin a 2nd career....it's wonderful Judy.....but ah.....you didn't count your time in your list!

  2. Love it and your story of making it.

  3. It turned out well and you had all that "fun." Pine cones are tough little things to cut!