Friday, January 17, 2014

Fiber Junkies - Goals and Challenges

Fiber Junkies had their first meeting of the new year this past tuesday. Denny came up with the idea of making a collage of goals, things we like, things we might want to try. She had done this before and loved the idea of revisiting it at the end of the year to see how much she had accomplished.  A nice idea. I used to belong to a fiber group that sat in a circle, first meeting of the year and went around each one stating goals, things they wanted to do.  It was fun to share and see what others had at the top of their fiber bucket list.
 We met at my studio as I have some large tables we were able to spread out on, make a mess and really get into it. that a glass of wine I see next to the glue stick, we do have fun while creating.
 I think we all had a different idea on how this project was to be done. I stuck with vintage images as I had old magazines from the 50s. I especially loved the clothing and I love working with vintage materials.
 I think if I were to do this again, I would have a different approach in being more specific to some goals. It was great fun though and everyone's had such a different personality.
 Gen used pictures of places she would love to see...I'm with her! Her piece was fun to see - very colorful.
Mary worked on a collage/card for her grandson who loves cars. He will love it!
 Denny did a collage with an outside and inside. The poster board was folded down the middle allowing you to close it. This is the outside and features the kind of things you wear "on your sleeve".  She loves dogs, wants to exercise more, eat better and the map of Greenville where she lives.
 The inside of Denny's collage was inner thoughts and goals - very effective in black and white
 We also had time to have a demo making a Thermofax which takes a very short time to make.
 During show and tell, Kate showed us this beautiful plate she had purchased on a recent trip.  It was pottery imprinted with a piece of lace.  I'm looking into this as I would love to have a plate made using some of the lace from my daughter's wedding gown which I made several years back.
 Kate also showed us some cards she's been making using the paper/cloth. She uses the blanks and picks an interesting area on her large piece of paper cloth to mount on the front of the card. She uses a scalloping scissor to make a nice edge.  How clever!
And I found some card blanks in my closet that would work....What a great idea Kate!
As always it was a wonderful and inspirational day. I'm so lucky to be part of this group.
Til next time...Judy


  1. now I'm thinking what mine would be. I like the vintage clothing. How will you show that in your new year??
    The wine glass was empty... so sad...
    LeeAnna Paylor drinking wine right now

    1. I like vintage and many of the fabrics...friends save old white linens with holes and patches in them for me to dye...I love the patches. Not sure how I'll use vintage fabric but pieces will probably have an old feel to it

  2. Sounds like a fun day -- and a great idea to use in any art group meeting...even 1/2-way through a year. Love that plate, too, and hope you can 'immortalize' the wedding dress lace in one.

  3. What an interesting group meeting, great way to start the year. I liked your vintage images, but, I wonder what I would idea. As life gets more complicated, I find my goals getting simpler: just finish the big art pieces waiting in a line in my studio...
    LUV'd the lace plate. Wonderful idea.
    best, nadia

    1. I'm with you...keeping things simpler...right now I'm trying to finish up UFOsss...always my New Years resolution and so far I'm doing good...only a couple more to go.

  4. Looks like this group is quite fun! Love the collages,especially the vintage clothing. And now I am thinking of my goals... thanks for the inspiration!