Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year...sniffle...sniffle

Wish I had some pictures to post of my wonderful down time the week between New Years and Christmas...this is always a fun time for me. It's my birthday week and I give myself that week to do nothing but fun stuff -like working in my studio. Well, there's a box of tissues, some Vicks and nasal spray. I did have great plans to go like great guns and keep that machine humming the whole time.
 Mother Nature had other plans for me.
 This is a top I did for my daughter. She saw this in a quilt shop - made from a quilt kit and bought it. It was a bit confusing so I offered to put it together for he, it's a really cute, vintage looking piece. I planned on quilting it this week.
 And here's Audrey's I Spy quilt which she is sooo ready for. I started quilting it but didn't get very far before the sniffles began ...boooooo
 And this one from last years PTA retreat - finally ready to be quilted.
And this one from 2 years ago retreat almost ready to quilt.
I get very impatient when I am surrounded by all these wonderful projects so close to being finished and I can't do a thing about it. I know...patience should be on my New Years Resolution List.
Anyway, Happy New Year everyone, thanks for hanging in there with me and as always wishing you a wonderfully creative and healthy 2014.

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  1. Get well... This is the perfect time of year to stay cozy and quilt! (That's what I'm doing)