Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finishing Quilts

I've been trying to finish up quilt tops so I can move onto other things. This is one of my pieces from our annual retreat, made at last year's retreat.  A few of us always work together, swapping and sharing fabric, deciding on a theme and making sure it's a no-brainer so we can talk and be part of the group conversation.  
 This was our choice for last year and it was a fun piece to do. Now to quilt it.
I needed a backing and found this fabric I picked up on sale and stashed away for future use. I think it works well with the quilt top. I didn't have quite enough so I had to add another green. I barely had enough of the other green which led me to adding some black and white also.
I quilted in the ditch  -  easy and fast.
 But then decided it needed some more so I went back with embroidery floss and did some large stitching down the middle of every other row.
I really like the effect - adding hours onto the completion of it but I enjoy the hand stitching part. I'm about to run out of black embroidery thread and am not going out today to buy more. It's 3 degrees outside...brrrrr.
Keep warm and keep quilting til next time


  1. ohh, lovelovelove! I want it! I want to make one for me! Was it a pattern or did you just share 4 patches and each do your own color scheme? My bee is about to do a scrap sharing project and this would be great!!
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. Thank you LeeAnna and Norma...it was a fun project...Next blog I'll give the details, sizes of blocks etc....A great project for your bee group.

  2. What a happy quilt!I agree that the big stitch hand quilting with the black thread adds a special touch.