Monday, September 1, 2014

A Pop of Color

I've been watching this show on TV featuring Sarah Richardson, an interior designer. It's not on regularly but I have my DVR set up to catch anything that features her. She is very creative and I love seeing what she does with different spaces within a home or condo. She claims to be frugal and hunts for bargains, even picking up furniture put out for trash. She's really into giving rooms a "Pop of Color" which I quickly adopted for my own home. My family room is nice but a little ho-hum and sorely in need of some "Pop" I did go looking for throw pillows but the ones I liked were $40 on sale. How crazy is that when I have a perfectly good sewing machine and a healthy stash of fabric. 
 Of course, Murphy's Law - no matter how much fabric you have, it's never quite right, so off to the Home decor store to find the perfect color. I loved what I found but it needed more body so I had to fuse each piece with a fusible knitted interfacing - So Sheer. I also had to find buttons, when did they get so expensive !! ?. adds up fast.
 So, 2 days later and lots of interruptions, I got my "pop" - not as much as I had hoped for but they do go well with the couch and loveseat and I'm a happy camper.
and that's what counts.
Pop..Pop...  (-:

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  1. Love the pillows. They pop against each other beautifully, but not so much on the sofa. You want pop? Try orange. That'd pop. ;-)