Monday, September 29, 2014

Fiber Junkies Pt. 2

Well, we breaked for lunch which seems to get longer and longer, we always have so much to share. We usually do our show and tell at this point. 
Val brought some wonderful fabric she had screened on top of which had been deconstructed screen printed already.
She has a screen she made using the image from a plastic mesh.
 And how clever is this, Val did a drawing which she made into a screen - such a great look...
 and this lovely piece of deconstructive fabric with an screened edging on the side.
Back to work -  in the afternoon, we used unquilted fabric and a soft gel medium for attaching images to the surface.
Kate had some wonderful images; this is a waterfall, accidentally left sideways when I photographed it.
We used printed napkins, as well as old pictures or anything that struck our fancy.
We put them down with soft gel medium - some of us painted around them.
This is Dennys, she wanted to incorporate family photos in hers.
Kate had less glued on images so she could showcase her drawn image in the backdrop.
Gen is still working. Next month, we'll revisit our pieces and see where to go from there.
Til next time.

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