Friday, September 12, 2014

What to do with scraps

Oh...what to do with scraps. I had some deconstructive screen printed fabric that was going nowhere so I found some of the same color scraps and decided to put them together for a small piece.
 Often I use a screen of an old recipe that's been in the family. I like using family writings on my quilts; it allows me that wonderful connection to my past. However, after screening these words, I thought it was a bit strong by itself.

I have lots of sheers, both purchased in the curtain fabric section of fabric stores along with many I've painted myself.

This is a purchased one and one I find I use a lot.  It has a lot of patterning with a soft neutral background so it works well as an overlay for many fabrics.
I like this can see the writing underneath but it doesn't jump out at you.The sheer image is also soft and adds a nice something.

The top section was next (left) and thought it needed a little zing also. Using the same sheer, I found a different area and pattern for the top. Being the same fabric, they worked well together.
  Next I needed to trim off the left side and after previewing several color choices, decided on an olive green over the brown.
which worked well I thought.

 The last section was a purchased brown batik and that definitely lacked in personality. I had a silk screen of skeleton leaves in different sizes - perfect. I did a little color lifting using a discharge paste through the screen; thought it would be more subtle but thought it also needed a touch of black to give it just a little spark of life. Each leaf was outlined with rayon embroidery thread, done by machine.
And the finished piece - "Shadow of Leaves"


  1. You know I love everything you do....but this one really spoke to me. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Very interesting mix of fabric and technologies! Love the finished piece, looks enchanted.

  3. Wow, the stitching really brought it all together, at first I thought the sheer was too light, but adding the quilting really made it pop! Very nice job!

  4. What a lovely piece and thank you for sharing your creative process.

  5. Excellent combination.