Friday, December 19, 2014

Cute Holiday Gifts

A couple of weeks ago, my good pal Mary and I got together to make a cute Christmas gift for our grandchildren - both around the same age. It's a memory board game, but for now, since they are both only 2, it is a matching game. Mary found the tutorial on the blog - See How We Sew, Oct 28, 2014. It's a wonderful tutorial.
We used felt as the base and cut 2 identical images of 32 different fabrics.
The images are child friendly but we also found using some "solid - like" were good as they broke up the busy-ness of all the prints. The squares of fabric were fused with fusible web and then cut 2 1/4" square using a fancy edge blade. We placed 4 down and 8 across, allowing for the "spine" in the middle for an easy fold.
After fusing, we stitched in parallel lines and also stitched the matching squares.
The cover used another piece of felt and attached to the first piece by stitching around the edge. Before attaching, a pocket was added to hold the small squares.
And on to project # 2. My daughter is always saying, she wishes she would remember to write things down that Audrey does and says. She is not a "journal-er", I wasn't either even though I always envied people who did it so naturally. I suggested she keep a little notebook in the family room, handy to jot something down and so I made a cover for an old fashioned composition book. The fabric is leftover from throw pillows for the same room so it will look very natural sitting on the table.

This is the back of it....
and here is the inside....The nice thing is that the book is removable. When you fill up one book, just insert another compostion book. My friend Val made these for us last year at our Fiber Junkies Christmas party with gorgeous silk screened fabric, such a nice idea.
Here is the finished journal - my daughter doesn't read my blog so hopefully, it will be a nice surprise.


  1. Great idea, well both! My grandson is 6 and is in love with Memory, and is often much better at it than his Nana!! I wish my daughter would chronicle some of the HILARIOUS things he says. I gave her a really cute book in which to do just that, but she doesn't... Oh well, I've jotted a few faves down along the way!

  2. Your grandkids will cherish and remember that game long into their adulthood. A wonderful gift.