Friday, December 12, 2014

Spooky Old Tree

I've been grabbing moments in my studio in between holiday activities. I just finished a small piece which in orange - a challenge from a group I'm in. I'm not into orange so it definitely was a challenge. I started with a piece of fabric I marbled.
 The marbling was black veining over the orange which I liked, toned it down a bit and added some movement.
 I used some paintsticks to emphasis some of the areas.
 Since this piece was going to be one of my layered pieces and covered with an organza, it was a good idea to highlight areas to show through.
 I silk screened a tree on top of the marbling, layered it with batting and backing and did some minimal quilting.
 Before laying the organza on top which is done after the quilting, I felt it needed more, so I discharge the same image on the organza, allowing the underneath to show through.
 I added a little more quilting - now to the 4 layers - organza, top, batting and bottom.
I bound it in leftover organza which gives a soft edge.
I'm off and running once again to Atlanta to do our annual Christmas shopping, lunch, etc with my daughter. Have a great weekend.


  1. I think the tree was an effective use of the orange background. Good job.

  2. This is really stunning. I love the intensity of the orange - and all the layers are cool. Lovely!