Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Amazing Friends - AKA - Fiber Junkies

Our Fiber Junkies group met this week for our holiday party - always a highlight of the season for me. I am lucky, not only have I succeeded in surrounding myself with wonderful girlfriends, but very talented ones also as you will see. 
 The table is ready for the food;  the cake (which Denny claims is made by elves) arrives first - Yum...don't know if we'll be able to hold off that long.
 Well, it just keeps getting better with homemade bread (our in-house baker - Mary), homemade soup, broccoli salad, crab hors d'oeuvres and lots of bubbly.
 All the presents are put on the table, cleverly wrapped. Since it's too early to eat, we start with show and tell.
 Kate does a beautiful job using marbled fabric and lots of quilting. This has become her signature style - using tiny circles of quilting in the background to make the foreground pop. She also mounts them on a canvas or stretcher bars for a really nice presentation.
 Mary made this wonderful piece for her son and his wife. It's a simple pattern but so effective using the fabrics that Mary chose.
 This is a detail of one of Denny's pieces which fascinated me as it looked so much like a tree bark. She told us how she did it but my old brain forgot, will check again and report back. If you love doing landscapes, this is a great technique.
 Well, Denny has brought this piece to every meeting to see if she could fix it, painting over it, screening etc. I think she nailed it this time.
 Denny has been working on a series of healing quilts - all quite large. She is going on a retreat this summer and wanted to show and talk about them but they were too large to bring. She photographed each one and sent the pictures to Spoonflower, where they made a block of each one which she pieced together - how clever is that.
 Another layered photograph featuring Denny's dog (lower left) and printed at Spoonflower.
 After eating it was GIFT TIME. We all made "small" gifts for each member. Gen knitted hats for us - each one different and beautiful...Gen is our knitter and very good at it. Here's Mary modeling hers.
 Kate's had a flower on the side, She looks adorable.
 Denny made fabric bags to hold the decorated aprons - great for our play days which are often very messy.
 Val made books with decorative paper inside and also included paper napkins for our paper fabric which we plan to do next month.
 How nice is this.
 Kate did hand made cards and tags using our paper fabric - beautiful!
 Mary made beaded credit card holders - each one different and so lovely.
And here is my hat from Gen, such beautiful patterns. I love mine and it fits perfect.
It was a wonderful day and addition to all this, we made plans for the coming year - things we want to try. Val is leaving for her 2 month stay in Florida so we try and plan things we've done before during Jan and Feb. We will miss her.
Hope the coming week is wonderful and you have a moment to take in the magic of the season. I thank you all for coming to visit my blog and sharing my projects and adventures. I wish you all the happiest of holidays.

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