Thursday, March 26, 2015

And the Results

Off the subject for a moment, in my last post, I was mentioning the drainer type plastic things we used to do the microwave ice dyeing. Kate bought them at the dollar store, so off I went this morning to find them. Lo and behold, they were right in the front - paper plate holders. Since I don't use paper plates, I never made the connection. A pack of 4 for $1.00 so 16 should do me for a while and such pretty colors. If you're interested in trying this, these work very well.
Back on track, I finally washed out my fabrics from our Mondays meeting with Fiber Junkies. I used the washing machines "rinse cycle" to rinse them first in cold water.  I then washed them in hot water with synthrapol. I was happy with the results although some pieces are so busy, I'm at a loss as to how to use them. I'm hoping to have a mini brainstorming session with these girlfriends to get some ideas. 

 This piece used 3 colors of dye and 2 layers of fabric. A soda ash treated piece of fabric was laid on bottom of bowl (see piece below), then a plastic drain on top of that and then the second layer of fabric with ice and dye. As the ice melted, the dyes would strike the top fabric and eventually drip on down to the fabric on the bottom.
 The bottom fabric has the same colors but a softer look.
 This piece I really liked, again very busy but I love the colors.
 This one was our imitation of Gens (previous post) we all fell in love with and had to do ourselves.
 This one used 3 colors including "Watermelon" - a dye color Kate brought and was anxious to try - pretty and it really does look like watermelon.
And Yes, the good old clean up rag - sometimes it's great, sometimes not. This is prettier here than in person, has lots of dye powder dots on it but maybe I'll do something over it, still so much fun not knowing what you'll get.

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