Friday, March 20, 2015

PTA Retreat 2015

Our 7th annual PTA retreat was last week and it was as wonderful as always. I'm late reporting this year as I had to leave the retreat a day early and drive to Florida for my nephews' wedding, another fun time. I just got home and am still playing catch up, both on sleep, laundry and dust bunnies. Our group was a little smaller this year as Georgia and Lynne got sick at the last minute; we missed them and the funny antics they bring to this gathering.
 We had our usual happy hour with plenty of bubbly and lots of wonderful snick snacks.
 We always have our "questions" which are great fun and get us laughing. This year one was - name 3 things people don't know about you, one has to be a lie. So we had to guess the person and also the lie.
 Kate missed our Christmas party where we give "white elephants" as gifts so we decided to give her the whole lot of those that were really "unwanted". They were waiting for her under a cover on her bed. What a surprise. This hat is one that Mary opened and it's actually a heavy paper accordion vase that also works as a hat, looks cute on Kate but a little tight she admits.
So here we are back in the community room where we are more serious or try to be to get some quilts made. Mary, Kate, Gen and I decided to work on the same pattern. This was fun to see how different they looked made in other fabric choices. Mary has a lot of Japanese prints and made her quilt with a red sashing. It was beautiful when done.
 Gen worked on Indigo with a dark blue sashing; I was doing Indigo also but a different look.
 Barbara was working on a funky type block and I will be anxious to see it finished.
 Leigh Anne was working on finishing up several projects one of which is this wonderful piece.
 Kate also worked on the same quilt as ours only using a bigger block - interesting to see it in a bigger version. I really like this pattern, the way it gives the illusion of being woven.
Here is the one I was working on using very dark Indigos and white. I still have to put a border on it but it's off to a good start. I was afraid the white might be too strong but in seeing it sewn up where the strips are now more narrow, think it works fine.
Unfortunately, having to leave a day early cost me the opportunity to see many more finished or further along pieces.
A wonderful time was had by all and we are already booked for next year.

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  1. Looks like your retreat was GREAT fun and spending time with friends always is the BEST! Love the indigo quilt underway... please share when it is finished. Now rest! Thanks for sharing at Nina's...
    Bethany in Kingston, ON