Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Handy Hubby

My husband is very talented and has always been a woodworker (as a hobby). He has made at least half of the furniture in our house. He's worked a lot in hardwoods over the years but has turned his talents towards the more weathered look (at my request). He doesn't use a pattern, just draws what he wants, takes measurements of the space and dives in.
He just finished this piece that fits in a corner in our kitchen/family room area.
This kind of furniture with all the distressing is harder to do than a finished cherry piece. To distress it to the point where it doesn't look manufactured is a difficult task. I'm still playing with what to put on the shelves, trying out different looks.
The bottom shelf for now is a designated Easter shelf. My granddaughter who arrives on Saturday will love it.
I've also been working on the guest room upstairs. My hubby came through again and made some pieces for the room, painted with different colors and then weathered and distressed to bring it down to underneath layers of color. The look is great, just got them set up so I'm not finished fixing them yet but it's been great fun.  
This piece he made a while back for the adjoining bathroom but it was the basis for the other two pieces.
He also made a shelf in the same style. To decorate, I used lots of Raku, an old wood plane etc..the top shelf still needs work.
And a side view - You can really see the distressing - It's a great look for this room.
Down in his workshop, he decided to build a cabinet to hold his very best tools. He had seen something like this a a woodworking magazine. Over the years, he's treated himself to some wonderful planes and chisels but never had a good place to keep them. Apparently there's an art to storing good tools just like we have our unspoken rules for storing quilting supplies
The doors open to display and hold many tools, quite heavy but my husband used piano hinges down the length for strength.
 And closed....
How clever is he and lucky I am to have him - Love you dear hubby!

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  1. Readers......as awesome as these pieces appear in photos.....I've had the pea green opportunity to see them in person......did I say AWESOME?!?

    John is a treasure!!!