Sunday, April 12, 2015

Crazier Than Usual Week

This has been a wild and crazy week...more than the usual craziness - but fun, I have to say... BIG FUN. My granddaughter was here and we planned lots of holiday activities starting with an Easter bunny cake. I used to do these "cut-up-cakes" with my students many, many years ago.

The coloring of Easter eggs and wearing
 the princess dress from Frozen. At Christmas it was the Angel wings.
 Our Easter egg hunt was the next day - plastic eggs filled with little treasures. Audrey loved looking for the eggs; the treats were secondary; this might be a good idea for future treasure hunts.
 And the beloved Easter basket; one does tend to forget after 30 years of not doing one HOW MUCH GRASS IS IN THEM and HOW IT GETS ALL OVER THE PLACE ...whew...I'm still finding bits of it...kinda like Christmas tree needles!
 We visited the Nature center and brushed the goats, also danced at Mellow Mushroom while eating pizza, went downtown to our favorite shoe store - Topps and I had a 2 day teaching trip to South Carolina in between everything! My daughter asked me what I was going to do this weekend after they left - my answer without hesitation....SLEEP!
 We did manage to get in a crafty project for a friend of my daughter's who's having a baby. My daughter and I made a mobile for Audrey's room when she was first born - little fabric birds, sitting on twigs that floated around. Her friend Emily wanted the same thing so we were off and running. First the fabric which Emily picked out to go with the room colors of yellow, coral and gray.
 One of the main fabrics was from the fairytale - "The Princess and the Pea" which became part of the birds and also a pillow for the room. Jill bought extra to make pillowcases for Audrey's bed, but that's another post.
 Here are the birds which are still being attached with fishing line. They are mighty cute when suspended from the ceiling and gently float around.
 The front of the pillow....
and the back which I like better and would probably use as the front. Anyway, everyone is gone, the house is reasonably quiet, my hubby helped me get it all straightened out after they left and life is back to normal, so maybe I'll start another quilt...hmmmm...sounds like a plan (a very good plan) to me.

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