Friday, April 17, 2015

Getting Organized

It's always been a challenge to keep track of the needle I'm using in my sewing machine; I've written on cards, only to misplace the card, I've used magnetic boards but the needle slips to a different space. I change my needles often but sometimes I'm only using it a short time and it still has some good life left in it....What to do.
First, I gathered all the needles I use. I typed the needles/sizes in a size 14 font and printed them on a fabric sheet, ready to run through the printer.
I then ironed fusible web on the back of the printed fabric and cut out each strip. Using an iron, I pressed them onto an oversize pincushion. I divided each section of the cushion into 2 parts.
The little pin/button at the top of the cushion I use to mark the section of the needle I'm currently using. When I take the needle out of the machine and it needs to go back, it goes where the pin/button is sticking. It solved my problem of not knowing what needle I'm using and where to store it when not in use. I know there are lots of good systems out there for storing needles, but this works for me.
Happy sewing!


  1. i took an embroidery class years ago requiring 10 different kinds of sewing needles. I invested in a needle organizer, loaded and have used it ever since. I am sure you will find your pincushion organizer most helpful.