Saturday, September 5, 2015

40 Years and Counting

When I was first married and living in New Jersey, there was an infamous highway right near me - Route 22. It was known far and wide to be a crazy road to drive on, wild traffic, people cutting you off, lots of businesses with cars entering the highway from every which way; you felt like you were entering the Twilight Zone of crazy driving when driving on Route 22. There were few things to entice me onto this highway, but the one I distinctly remember was....Drumroll please.....FABRIC LAND in Plainfield, N.J. It was around a 5 mile drive down this crazy highway but a great fabric store for its time and one I was willing to risk life and limb for. I was a teacher at the time, made a lot of my own clothes and was always in the market for dress goods. I've always loved woolens and find them harder and harder to find and also find I wear them less and less.
 But for some ridiculous reason, I've held onto this piece of wool I purchased at Fabric Land some 40+ years ago - really, no moth holes, no fade marks, as good as new and I've always wanted to do something with it if for no other reason - for old times sake, so I finally did.
 I do wear skirts occasionally with leggings so here is my 40+ year old fabric finally put to good use.
and some left over. Now I hope it's not another 40 years before I use the leftovers.  ( - :
Til next time


  1. I hated Rt 22. We lived in Morris Plains 40 years ago, loved going to Fabric Land but made my hubby drive me. We moved to more rural area since and now we're in GA where I won't drive to Atlanta for anything. maniac drivers..
    Cute skirt, I have some wool left from that era. I haven't made clothes in years tho. and probably never will.

    1. We wound up going to Florida and then Atlanta also...another crazy place to drive also! We're now in lovely and driver friendly Asheville, NC.

  2. Fabulous……isn’t it fun to make clothing from time to time?