Thursday, September 24, 2015

Have a Seat

Quite a while back, on a visit to my daughter, I noticed this wonderful old chair next door, just sitting there by itself - Picture time! I love old, vintage-y things and thought this might make a good image for a small quilt.
The peeled layers of paint were wonderful.
along with the old fashion like arms
and texture.
This chair had been painted many, many times.
I also thought, what a great silk screen this would make. I liked this angle of the chair, thought it captured it the best. I pulled it up in Photoshop Elements and made it into a photocopy. There was quite a bit of "noise" surrounding the chair which I removed by cutting away from the picture and in closer to the chair, using white out. I wanted the screen to focus on the chair and not what was going on around it.

I also did some photocopies and then screens of some of the texture in the chair.

and - Have a Seat. It's a small piece and was fun to do, used up some scraps, made some new silkscreens and worked with the deconstructive screen printed fabric which is hard to use.


  1. Perfect! Thanks for leading us through your process.

  2. You're right, DSP fabrics can be hard to include in projects - but this screen makes it all work.

  3. I appreciate seeing your process to achieve this art piece....thanks for sharing! my best, joni

  4. I found a book called Machine Needlelace at a sale this weekend for $1, then googled the author, Judy Simmons, and was surprised to learn it was you. I see your blog posts here almost every week, I never knew you were an author. The book has some great information, even though the pictures and fashions are definitely dated!