Monday, September 14, 2015

Tea and Silk Screens if you Please

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter took myself and her mother in law - Jan to a tea at the St. Regis Hotel  in Atlanta, GA. It was a belated Mother's day gift as unbeknownst to my daughter, that date is booked a year in advance. This was almost better as it was so relaxing, we had our choice of tables and such a lovely treat.
  The hotel is beautiful and luxurious and made us feel so special.
 Little nesting areas of couches and comfy chairs for eating, talking and sipping .
 We started off with a glass of champagne, then had our choice of many different teas. I ordered the house blend, a little flowery and so delicious. Little cakes and sandwiches were brought out. I don't think I had a favorite, had to have a bite of each - no dinner that night!
 We loved walking around, the lobby was beautiful.

Our tea was on the second floor looking down and the staircase

 - like something from a movie.
 One of the most fun parts was checking out the Ladies room. It was gorgeous...and the tiles...
I was taking photos like crazy to make them into what else....
 a silk screen. The photo of this tile was put in photoshop and made into a photocopy using a filter. Now all I need is a lazer copy to be able to run it through my Thermofax.
 For each tile I took, I turned them into both a photocopy and something called "find edges" - one of the filters.
 This is "find edges" of the tile above it. I think it will make an interesting screen.
 And this one I really liked the veining on, a little heavier but interesting. So here it is in
"find edges".
All in all, a great day, spent with people I love, great goodies to munch on, champagne and tea and even an unexpected source for imagery for my quilts - wow, doesn't get any better!


  1. I love, love, love the screen designs…..but I must ask….only 1 glass of bubbly?!?

  2. Love what you did with the photo's! WOW!! Now to make a screen rom that!! Hotel is beautiful.