Monday, June 6, 2016

Fiber Junkies - Printing and Deconstructive

Fiber Junkies met last week at Vals house where we love to utilize the space in her garage. She goes to a lot of trouble getting everything set up for us. We have our own big table and for today, our own print paste, squeegee etc. for deconstructive screen printing. We are such creatures of habit...we all go to the same table each time as if our names were etched on them - must have something to do with our comfort zone.
Denny brought this wonderful tree, leftover Halloween decoration and nice and flat so perfect for this technique.
As I know I've mentioned before, we work with blank silk screens, laying fairly flat objects (no more than 1/4 inch thick) underneath the screen. We then squeegee thickened dye over the top which finds its way into all the nooks and crannies taking on the shape of the objects underneath.
After it dries, we then lay the screen on top of white fabric treated with soda ash and using a clear print paste mixture, squeegee over it to release the dyes onto the fabric. You can see the tree above, dried and ready to go.
There are so many fun things to use underneath, you take on a new perspective while walking through life. I was throwing out the plastic container for some cookies I bought and the was wonderful. I quickly washed it and stored it away for our next session. You can see some of the fun things that kate used like rick rack and in the upper corner, the black grating is the bottom of a flat of plants.
Kate had some good success with her printing....
as did Denny.
Val was using the color Nutmeg and I really like her print.
Mary was doing some direct printing on fabric using the thickened dye.
During lunch, we had our Show and Tell - above is a piece Val made called "Green with Envy". Well, I should say everything Val touches turns to "wonderful".  Here she has combined the deconstructive along with one of her burned silk screens.
Kate is finishing up some small pieces to have as backups for our ongoing show at the NC Arboretum in Asheville. The show will be going on thru the middle of July. As pieces sell, we are happy to have the opportunity to go and replace them.
Mary showed us the cutest growth chart she made for her newest grandchild - adorable.
And Kate, a more traditional piece for the Arboretum show.
And Mary's piece - also for the arboretum. She made this from fabric she created through several surface design techniques. I wish I had a better picture, it is so much prettier in person but you can see it at the arboretum!
Til Next Time.....

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  1. The prints are wonderful! Love doing deconstructed, mono or any type of printing...always fun to see what you end up with!