Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Day at a Nursery

For the last couple of years, our PTA group has adapted a new rule that each person takes a turn planning a meeting. This month was Dorts turn. Dort lives out in Leicester surrounded by beautiful farm land and old buildings so it's great fun to go there. She planned a trip to Sandy Mush Nursery - quite the adventure.
The ride there was an adventure in itself; myself having one of the SUVs was a driver and it was a white knuckle all the way. A stretch of a couple of lane - total,  with lots of brush of each side, many gullies, bumps and rocks - no speed traps needed on this road. Of course all that bumping and the first thing out of my mouth upon arriving was "do you have a restroom"? "Well of course darlin...we have several outhouses out back". Well gulp, last time I was in one of these was when I was a child and attended the Greenville Baptist church in upstate NY. Actually this outhouse wasn't too bad (does this qualify as an oxymoron?)
The grounds were luscious with plants and woods everywhere.
There were some wonderful ponds stocked with fish. The owner told us he had a hard time keeping the snakes away....SNAKES...YOU SAY.....
Okay, so catching my breath and moving along...more gorgeous foliage and both man and wife were so knowledgeable.
This plant fascinated me, I wanted Linda to put her head down for scale but had to settle for her fist; the leaves were huge.
And the I love forests and think it was mentioned there's something like 400 acres of this. Wow, what fun to explore.
As always, I'm on the lookout for texture for quilts and making fabric and some of the trees were amazing....
like these two.
I'm also loving doors and the wonderful weathered look so many of them provide.
Here are 2 beauties...
and little out buildings
with more interesting wood planking
and doors; I love this one and was able to get a good close up shot.

This was another old and very charming empty barn we all had to stop and take pictures of.

And of course what nursery wouldn't be complete without a dog who had lots of personality and knew how to get us to give him a belly rub. It was a really fun day. We all left with treasures - no snakes and then went on to Dorts for lunch and lots of laughs. A great day was had by all. Thanks Dort!

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  1. Did you white knuckle it home too? That was funny!! Looks like a wonderful afternoon outing and some cool inspiration for texture!!