Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Before and Afters

 I've been doing a lot of marbling, getting ready to work on a series for an exhibit coming up. I was mainly interested in marbling on top of Stonehenge fabric by Northcutt but while I had all the solution, decided to get out some of my "not so great" pieces - to re-marble over them.

So most of these are the before (on left) and afters on right. I always use a printed or colored piece of fabric. I do a lot of "veining" when I marble allowing much of the original fabric to show through. The one on top was already busy but I do like the additional marbling on top.

This one was marbled (on left) over a hand dyed fabric - pretty but wanted to try more so I soaked it in alum again and over-marbled it with blue veining. 

This is one of the Stonehenge fabrics which I wanted to add a little more interest to. I think it needs to be marbled again. I was most excited about the grays, but they turned out to be my least favorite when completed.

The piece on the left had been marbled years ago, pretty but a little boring. I marbled over it with a dark blue or black to create more interest; I like it better now.

These are some trees I did with silk screens at one of our FJ meetings and decided to try some marbling over it done in grays and blues.

This piece of fabric was an old piece I had "shiboried" and decided it needed something else. I did some very light veining over the top.

I never cared for this piece which was shiboried with wall plates soooooo I marbled on top; I'm still not crazy about it. Well you can't win them all....right !

These are the pieces I was most interested in - the Stonehenge. You can see in the top left picture, the patterning as it lay on the marbling base. I used Createx air brush colors in metallic gold and black. I never use black straight. I always mix it with something like dark blue or brown to soften it a tad. I was happy with the results.

Thes next 4 pieces are Stonehenge which were marbled with the patterning on the left. I am happy with the results, especially the dark blue. As I work with this fabric new ideas come to mind like adding a pop of color using a paint stick, stitching with metallic thread etc. I've done several and will share next time around.


  1. What fabulous successes!!! Anxious to see them in person next week!

  2. These are all beautiful. Marbling on top of marbling, what a great idea!

  3. Fascinating to see the before and after. Gorgeous.

  4. WOW! These are gorgeous, I love the tree.

  5. Wow! that is just awesome! Another idea to put in my pocket!

  6. Thank you so much for all the pictures and details. Marbling is something I've yet to try, but your post just moved it up my list to sooner rather than later. And I love the wall plate fabric!

    Julie@Pink Doxies