Friday, July 1, 2016

Fiber Junkies - doing our own thing

 Fiber Junkies met this past week at Val's home for a day of fun and "working on individual projects".
Sometimes we don't have a group plan in mind and having an unstructured day to play catch up with projects and friends is a lot of fun.
 I'm working on a large piece which features a water wheel which I want to be red. I also want it to have a weathered look, like it's been painted over many times with chips and peeling paint in areas. This is my start....ugh! I know it will get better, just need to keep plugging.
 Val was working with fabric already dyed and beautiful in and of itself.
 She decided to do some foiling, applying the adhesive through a syringe and a silk screen.
And the results - surprise there.

 Gen is on a roll to use up some of her enormous fabric stash. She may be downsizing so she's getting a head start. She's making kits for herself and sewing beautiful tops like crazy.
 Kate is always in the market to take a piece which needs "some help" and make it beautiful. I've given her many of my hopeless pieces which turn out quite wonderful  - she is working with thickened dyes and silkscreens.
 Denny is working with transfer dyes used on blended fabrics. She gets some beautiful results and we hope to do this at one of our FJ meetings.
 And another one of her images.
 Mary loves to work in wool. This day she is using a stencil held in place with a blank silk screen and acrylic paint to squeegee through to make the image.
 She is having some good results.
 During lunch which is on Val's beautiful deck which overlooks the city of Asheville. We shared our accomplishments since the last meeting. This is one of Gens...
 and another......
 and another...each prettier than the last.
 Denny has been working with kits, usually not a Denny thing as she designs all her pieces, but sometimes it's just nice to sew without having to put much thought into it. I often say I just want to sew...just to enjoy the process....for myself and probably all of us's so relaxing.
 This is the back to Denny's quilt which is a Denny design. I love the jean fabric.
 Kate's quilts are always so happy, she has a lovely sense of color. This is one she made at retreat last year...
 and the back is painted fabric made at one of our FJ meetings. This is for her niece.
 And this quilt Kate made for her nephew who goes to the U of Nebraska school colors.

 It was a great day to be with such a very special group of friends.


  1. I always, always enjoy FJ show and tell!!! Great pieces!!!

  2. Hi, Judy. Wonderful work you're showing here. Your marbled fabrics in the previous post are to die for! Looks like you're having a very creative and productive summer. best, nadia