Thursday, March 2, 2017

Fiber Junkies and Daffodils

Well, better late than never...and it seems like I've been saying that a lot's not like I'm involved with any big project that's demanding my time...but life does get in the way. We had our February Fiber Junkies meeting at my home this past week...using Denny's die cut machines for cutting fabric. First we did a quick show and tell.
Denny has been making big, big quilts and every month, she seems to have several to show...Denny makes wonderful art quilts but has had to stray from that path for a while to do some easy sewing. Sometimes it's just great therapy to sit and sew with little thought in mind.
I loved this piece made with Tim Holtz fabrics
and a detail.
I love Kaffe Fasset's fabrics with the big bold prints and this was a beauty.
Kate made this from cuts from a previous meeting...really a darling piece and beautiful quilting which is not visible in this picture.
I think I've shown this before but I really love this piece that Mary made using ice dyed fabric. She did a beautiful job blending several fabrics. I thought it was all from the same piece but not so.
and a detail...
Onto my studio which has some big tables (thanks to hubby who made them) and good for the many die cut machines Denny brought...We are all so thankful to Denny for sharing and bringing them for us to use.
There were so many die cuts to choose from along with an electric cutter and a hand cranked one...whoops and some wine...!
Gen was such a doll helping Mary with ironing and cutting her squares....I know Mary just did a post on our FJ meeting...much more timely...but she does say how we all want to be Gen when we grow truer words...this is one great lady...not only talented but so very giving.
With these machines, there is no waste. Kate and I were working together as we're doing the same quilt at retreat. We're using half hexagons and there are 3 sizes...the smallest which accomodates very small pieces of fabric. Kate being the piecer took the small ones....she'll do something great with them; I would be ready for a straight jacket if I attempted to work with this size.
This is the quilt we'll be working on...very pretty and bright.
I chose a more subtle palette; I love it but also think I'll need to sparkle it up a bit.
On another note, the following night my hubby and I went to our bi-monthly supper group. It was the night before the frost and our hostess has a huge daffodil garden ...soooo...she cut lots to treat us to a little bit of spring...beautiful...
and we all went home with a little bouquet. A fun couple of days.


  1. Always fun to see what task the Fiber Junkies will set for themselves each month. Did you die cut the half hexagons? Just curious as to whether the die cuts the tips off the corners for easy alignment.

  2. Hi Gwyned...I did die cut the half hexagons...they are all so perfectly lined up when stacked and yes, the tips are off the corners...I'm not much of a piecer and appreciate all the tricks and help I can get...