Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fiber Junkies July 2017

Once again our group met for a fabulous day. We almost felt like we were back in kindergarten with the many "centers" (remember those?)...of things to do. We all brought something to work on but besides that we had eco printing, Indigo dyeing and print paste to dye paint or deconstruct...But before any of that was to happen...we had our Show and Tell. We do it first thing during our morning treat - what a great way to start the day!
This is a piece from Mary...I especially like the way she incorporated the Shibori fabric into the background. This technique produces such "highly patterned" fabric and often hard to use but Mary did a beautiful job with it.
Another piece from Mary who used an antique linen placemat which was rusted or eco dyed as a background. A minimal amount of embroidery was added on the surface. Red buds add a lovely pop of color.
Val showed us some deconstructive fabric she silk screened on top of. She used a very unexpected color which was fabulous!
And another piece from Val...
This looks like our favorite stencil from last time used to mask off an area before monoprinting.
This is one of Kates beautiful large quilts which is now hanging in Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville. Pictures do not do it justice....a must see in person.
Gen has been making beautiful cards using alcohol inks...
She then goes back and adds fine detail using a Faber Castell Pitt Pen which comes in different size nibs and colors.
I love the way Gen starts with "blobs of ink" that have a mind of their own and turns them into something so interesting.
Denny who loves to do handwork has solved the problem we all get bending our neck at such a difficult angle. The "Lap App" is a padded board...
that raises up and tilts....
so one can do handwork at a comfortable angle. It even has a place for threads...How cool is that.
Denny has been taking an online class and one of the things they use is houses she made a bag that is the right size for her lap app
And this cute and very functional fold up to carry sewing/quilting supplies...more to come

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  1. Love all the show and interesting...and even the cards are great!!! Also like the titled pillow/lap app! I'm still trying to work on just the right beading tray. Hubby came up with a great tip expanding on another tip from Mary (Stori)...almost perfect! But still needs some more ideas! HA