Monday, July 24, 2017

Fiber Junkies Pt 3 - The Ah Haaaaa Moment

We had many Ah Haaaa moments at the end of the many wonderful techniques to try and so many successes. We always have great fun regardless of the outcome...but even better when we can jump up and down with excitement! First was the Indigo...results are pretty quick as you only leave it in the mixture for a few minutes.
Here's the Indigo pot and..
Here's the results...all lined up on the bushes to dry...some beautiful color.

Marys on the left was very intense and done on white fabric...don't think she resisted it with clamps. Mine on right was a piece of deconstructed fabric in rust tones (looks like it's rusted, but not so), folded and clamped and dipped in solution so only the edges picked up color.
This was Kates I believe which she clamped to create patterning..
and another...

Val was doing some dye painting...her beginnings on the left and finished piece on the surprise there...Val did it!!
Some of the results from our eco printing...great results using just water, vinegar and boiling water bath.
Mary used some felt which was great to see as it was fabric. We had no idea on how fabric would work. For more infor on how to do this...scroll on down to the previous post on Fiber Junkies Pt.. 2
The papers were great - mostly hand made papers were used.

After I let my bundles of deconstructive fabric batch, I washed them and got "fair to middlin" results....some I really liked, others I didn't ...but that's how it usually goes (with me) using this technique...There's always the option of layering something on top.

I was pretty happy with these... I might have to do a little more to them but they are quite busy as it is....
This patterning was created by using a sink mat underneath the screen. I released the dye on a fabric that already had been deconstructed and "needed help" so it's a bit overwhelming...think I would have liked it better on just white.
I am very happy with my eco prints on paper and wish now I had tried some silk...but I see a future with this technique.

What's interesting about this technique is that you get patterning on both sides of the paper depending on what's on each side. The Maple leaf in the top right here is the mirror image of the Maple leaf in the set above these - top left. Sometimes it's hard to know which side to use...both are so pretty...I have an idea on what I might do with them...more to come on that.
The paper also takes on the imprint of the leaf which I think is so pretty. This is a Maple leaf from my yard along with some Eucalyptus leaves.  Til next time....


  1. I think this is one of the best show and tell from dyeing fabric you 'girls' have done! Each piece is wonderful!!!!

  2. We sure had awesome results….loving your (not rusted) indigo piece the best!

  3. Wonderful results, sounds like such a fun day.

  4. Exciting results! I think every piece has possibilities. It inspires me to do some eco-dyeing again.