Friday, July 21, 2017

Fiber Junkies Pt 2

Onto the days activities which were great fun and also with the cooperation of Mother Nature. 
Denny was working on her usual and incredibly interesting image layering.
She was using inko dyes which react and deepen in color in the sun.
Here is a piece she is adding more color to in the spokes of the wheel; they will turn deep yellow in a few minutes.
Val had a lot of Eucalyptus waiting for us to use in our eco printing....along with
leaves we brought ourselves. This is the start of my layered piece. I use handmade paper, leaves, paper etc ending with paper on top and bottom.
I think I had around 12 - 14 layers (1 layer being paper with a leaf on top)...don't know if there is a maximum...just need to be able to clamp it.
And here is my leaf and paper sandwich clamped between 2 very thin pieces of wood.
Mary decided to try and roll them to see what would happen. All bundles were then put into our pot of boiling water with vinegar. To read further about this technique, click here which will bring you to a recent post.
Gen was working on tags which is just the start of something beautiful...She will add a lot more.
I was working on deconstructive screen printing in hopes of having some long awaited success...time will tell.
A sunny day allowed the screens to dry quickly.
Kate was working on some spontaneous dye painting. The colors she used are not "her" and to her surprise, she was very happy with what was happening.
Val was doing some dye painting which we all know will turn out fantastic because we know our Val...and her magical hands!....Stay tuned for the results...soon to come.

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  1. I went back and looked at your eco printing from last week. So very interesting and something I would like to try.