Wednesday, October 18, 2017

5 Little Monkeys

My PTA group recently had their Oct meeting...this time a field trip to downtown Weaverville in North Carolina.....The main objective besides the usual talking and eating ...was to visit a new quilt shop! Hooray!
5 Little Monkeys is a wonderful new quilt shop; when first walking was hard to believe it had just opened - soooo much fabric and quilting supplies to select from.

Fabric, fabric everywhere and like Angie said...she wanted to stock all kinds of fabric for every kind of quilter...
and that she did with tremendous success.
Antique cupboards hold fabric and other quilting supplies
and add to the charm of her store.
Angie also has a long arm quilter and provides a quilting service to the quilt community. I was impressed with the beautiful quilting on this piece.
There is a yummy section on batiks and lots more to see....please stop by and say hi...It's a lovely shop...and Are you wondering where the name came from ? Angie is the mother of 5 and yes indeed..they were little monkeys way back when. It has been a dream of Angies to open a quilt glad for all of us, it happened!
and our very happy group...
who ended up at the cafe/bakery right down the block...such a great day!

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  1. Always fun to see what's new at quilt shops. Actually, the only time I visit them is in Florida with my Q bud, Susan!