Monday, October 9, 2017

Folly - The Results

We had some great results...turned some bad pieces into good pieces and discovered new things. We love to experiment and think the most fun part is when you discover something wonderful has happened after all the trial and error...that's not to say, it will happen again...but that's okay.
Mary had the best results working with wool and plant material...this is a piece of wool folded in half with plants in middle...One half, the one tightest to the plants has a very strong print, the other side does not...Both are great!

So remember the plexiglass squares sandwich with fabric in the middle...on the right - the results!
Here are the old fashioned hair curlers we used to sleep did we ever do that? They have been clamped sporatically on the fabric and then scrunched using rubberbands.
The results are pretty cool I think...lots of Indigo color and visual texture.

The piece on the left was folded; a round disc on top and bottom served as a resist. The one on the right started with white fabric that had been lightly rusted. The rust is reading yellow in the picture but it is rust. Fabric was wrapped around short corks and marbles....kinda looks like flowers.
This piece was a very coarse piece of burlap which was scrunched...took the Indigo well.

The piece on the left was a pale tone on tone rubbed vigorously with live Indigo plant - a very pale color resulted. It was then folded and dipped in Indigo. The piece on the right was heavily rusted and dipped in Indigo...think that's my favorite one. The one below on right was wrapped on the pole on the left.

Eco printing on a piece of China silk above...maple leaves (R) and Eucalyptus on left

Eco printing on pages from an old booklet....
Water color paper and Eucalyptus leaves... Maple and Eucalyptus on Khadi paper on bottom
I have a collection of old magazines...this was a page which I hoped would work. It's very thin and thought it might fall apart in the "boiling" process...
but it held up and looks pretty cool...(on left) - on right is Sumac on paper, edges dipped in Indigo.
And a rusted t-shirt I had...needed some Indigo to jazz it up...I really liked the results. I was in Macys the other day and a lady came up to me...said she liked it and asked where I got it....(happy dance)..well at least she didn't think I was a hippy from the 60s.....
And last but not least...the sunset...what would our retreats be without this beautiful ending to a perfect day...
along with great girlfriends...!


  1. Thanks for sharing all the results. They're great!

  2. Great art, great food, great friends…..who could ask for anything more??

  3. Love the surprise results you got- great pieces. And love the shirt! Such fun.

  4. Wow! What fun you had and some great results.

  5. What amazing results! I haven't hand dyed in so make me want to now! The curlers are hilarious, but great!