Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Getting a Little Rusty

Every once in a while, I get the urge to rust some fabric....I don't use it a lot in my work but it does add a very distinct look when I do.
So a friend of mine gifted me with an unusual gift but one I went wild over. There are several of us from the Southern Highland guild that are working on pieces for our Wabi Sabi exhibit opening June 30 (more on that later). I was thinking of using some love the box ...
this wonderful heavy chain came in.
When I rust I like to use a variety of fabrics including mercerized cotton, silks like noil or crepe du Chine...organza is another favorite. I mix them all up and use a solution of half white vinegar and half water...pour it over and cover with plastic to keep it moist.
In the warm weather, it rusts quickly and within a day I was ready to rinse and iron.
So some of the results....I'm not sure which is which as far as fabric but I know I used mercerized cotton, noil, silk broadcloth and organza...and was
very happy with the results...
All fabrics worked well and were "very" rusted.
On another note, on a recent day trip to Little Switzerland which is on the Blue Ridge Parkway, I came upon this wonderful 2 seater bike....
which has been hanging on this wall forever...(we've gone to this area before)
And also this wonderful sled...
It might be fun to incorporate these photos and rusted fabrics into a small piece.

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