Sunday, June 17, 2018

Making Kits

Recently our Fiber Junkies group met for an unscheduled meeting to make kits. Mary has been trying to find good homes for a pod full of fabric gifted to her from a dear friend.
 Some of the fabric would make good community quilts. This is one of the projects our PTA group does each year......sooooo.....we decided to make kits for this meeting. We had lots of tables to hold the Accu Quilt machines, places to lay fabric for color selection etc.
 Here we are spreading out and getting ready to do some cutting....
 Meetings would not be complete without a glass of bubbly.
 Denny has the strip cutter along with an electric cutting machine making our work go faster.

 So much fun to see those long strips coming out all at once...
 and Mary our ironing person.
 I think we did a good job putting fabrics together. We wound up with many different color ways which will make into some pretty quilts.
We wound up with 8 kits....a good days work and lots of fun to do with friends.

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