Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Grovepark Inn - Birthday celebration

The Grovepark Inn in Asheville is a beautiful (and our favorite) place to go.
It's a 5 star hotel that has hosted many presidents and other well known people.
You can just go and walk around or eat in one of their restaurants...
We were celebrating a birthday so this was the choice.
This is looking out the back - the city of Asheville...
Quite breathtaking....
and the sunset. We always manage to have our wine just as the sun is going down.
myself and hubby.....who turned ______ yesterday!
and our son Mike who loves to come here too...It's always a wonderful time and even though it's not sewing related, I love for it to be in my blog book when I have it printed each year.


  1. Well, happy BD to your room mate!!! Ashville is where my 'bonus' kids have their home away from home...actually they are there this week! Diane loves it...their house sits in the woods so it's very peaceful. I'll have to ask if they come into town to theInn...would be a nice day trip. Enjoyed this post! Thanks for sharing with us too!!!

  2. Love the Grovepark Inn visited there about 10 years ago to attend a pottery show!