Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Magic Moment for Nana

My granddaughter and daughter recently came for a visit. My granddaughter - Audrey, who just turned 7 attended Heritage Day sponsored by the Southern
Highland Craft Guild. One of the events was a quilting demo and frame where children of all ages were invited to take some stitches...Audrey really liked it and later on asked me to teach her to sew...Well, those were precious words to me and as I went to get a needle and some thread, she said...Oh no Nana, I want to sew on your machine.

Well gulp...! I quickly moved the speed control to slow, got her some fabric to practice on and she was off and running. 
She has never been near a sewing machine but quickly learned the balance wheel, the power foot and presser foot...like a little duck to water. 
I stood behind her every second to make sure little fingers didn't get near the needle.
 She practiced a little and was soon ready to make something. She chose her fabric and made a pillow and a pocketbook

What a cool little kid....she was so proud of herself and I couldn't be prouder.....As a child I loved to sew and was thrilled every time my mother would pull out fabric from her scrap box and hand them to me. It has given me many hours of happiness and I'm hoping the same for Audrey.
After our sewing session, we went to see the horses and
laid on our neighbors hammock, looked at the treetops and made up silly stories...A most magical day. These moments are the best part of life.
My blog has been silent for a while as I've been away on a river cruise, something my hubby and I always wanted to do.  I have some great pics to share which I plan to use as inspiration for a series I'm thinking about....Til next time.


  1. Nothing better than when the grands ask to taught something we have a passion for!!! How lucky you both are and what a keepsake your grand daughter will have!!! Very special!

  2. Beyond what every grandma wishes for!!!