Monday, October 7, 2019

Woolworth in the Fall

 "Leaf Peepin" season is starting although it's been too warm for any color change...our peak here used to be @ the third weekend in it's in Nov. Mary and I are gearing up and doing some "fall" cleaning on our booth. We've added some fall items which adds a lot of color and gets you in the spirit. I sell lots of cards which are fun to make and people always seem to need cards.
Time for some new ones...In looking through my stash, I came across a large pieced background I had decided not to use....I cut them a little bigger than needed and added some machine buttonhold stitching along some of the edges. I love doing the buttonhole stitch with rayon or decorative thread.
I than found leaves I had transferred through a method I developed years ago using real leaves and image transfer paper.They are identical to the real thing except they don't die.
Using an invisible thread, I stitched down the middle of each leaf, leaving the sides free for more dimension. I machine stitched the fabric/leaf to a card blank and voila! I hope they do well as they are definitely seasonal.
Years ago I made ties for the Southern Highland Craft Guild Fair. You can buy the silk blanks through Dharma. I had a number of ties already dyed but not embellished. Sooooooo I was happy to move them out of my studio after finishing them with a leaf (image transfer process) and a tiny bit of gold stitching you can barely see at the top of the leaf. The stitching only goes around 1/3 of the way down...but adds a little more visual texture.

The booth looks nice and updated .....
I added more new scarves created on our recent retreat.
If you're in the Asheville, NC area, come and visit us at Woolworth on Haywood Street which is right in the heart of town. We are downstairs in booth # 235...Hope to see you there.


  1. WOW...your leaf images are beautiful. Love the ties!!! How cool!!! Good luck on your sales!!!

  2. Yes, do come and visit….Judy’s work is exceptional!!!