Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fiber Junkies Oct - Ice Dyeing

  Fiber Junkies met at Kate's home for a day of ice dyeing using the microwave - very different from regular ice dyeing where the fabric is allowed to batch. Denny was able to join us; she showed us her experiments using the microwave at different amounts of time since she had a low wattage oven. None of us could see a difference including Denny but the samples were beautiful and we knew we were in for a fun day.

 All the colors were so vibrant - amazing since the fabric was left in for 4 - 5 minutes.

 We had different stations - Kate and Denny were so organized. The dye table (upper left) held the MX dyes we all brought to share and where we added dye to the fabric. The upper right is the table where we had the ice crusher. Ice was added to the top of the soda ash treated fabric which is scrunched in a bowl. The pics should be reversed since we did the ice first and then sprinkled powdered dye on top.
 Mary is sprinkling dye on her fabric, will then put in microwave and nuke it for 5 mins.
Denny who organized the workshop, is so knowledgeable and provided us with so many samples and good ideas plus all the equipment....Because of health reasons, Denny has not been able to come to Asheville where we usually meet, .....so we were all so thrilled to have her for the day, and as always appreciated all she gives to us in so many ways.

 Susan (left) and Gen (right) donning their masks before working with the dyes. Above is the first scarf I made - IN 5 MINS....can hardly believe it.
 And more examples of beautiful fabric....
 Gen who is working more with paper (and doesn't need any more fabric), decided to do some pillowcases and t-shirts which now look fabulous.

I immediately washed and ironed mine when I got home...was very happy with the results (below) and have been dyeing scarves all weekend for my booth at Woolworth in downtown Asheville.
A great day and big thanks to Kate and Denny for putting it together.


  1. What vibrant colors you all got! I've never even heard/thought of using the 'mike' for ice dyeing. Now I'll have to try this come winter!!! Thanks!

  2. Wonderful results! And immediate satisfaction given the short time in the microwave. This is a new technique to me- thanks for sharing.