Friday, November 15, 2019

Dillsboro and Dogs

This time of years means lots of outings for my hubby and I......We love the fall, the color and the weather. Recently we took a ride to Dillsboro which is a quaint little town in NC with little shops and home to the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad. It was a beautiful day and we had such fun walking around, looking for Santa Claus ornaments and enjoying the hustle bustle of people. The train makes a stop in Dillsboro for 1 1/2 hours where passengers can shop and shop they do.

We happen to be in the Christmas Shop when throngs on people came pouring in...eager to buy something holiday-ish. I found out they were on a stop from their ride and had limited shopping time. That makes for a lot of impulse shopping...

A highlight for me and my son was happening onto the 2 most beautiful sheep dogs. They were immaculately groomed, super friendly and obviously very well taken care of.
After lunch, it was onto the Blue Ridge Parkway which runs through Asheville...we are so lucky to have this national treasure.
At one point we were at 6053 feet elevation.....brrrrrr..cold.
There was still a bit of color which was beautiful.

 The mountains are glorious and serve as wonderful inspiration for so much of what I like to create.
The levels of shadows and values are just can never capture their true beauty. Below is Devils line points to where people climb to. We often see "little dots" moving around.
And here is the prize for the day....icicles which formed over weeds making them look like long spikey pieces of glass. We were so high up, much colder and this was our reward.

I've already done quilts with pictures of icicles...the challenge will be to create icicles out of fabric  somehow..I'm thinking of Angelina
Thie beautiful rock is "Looking Glass rock" which is easy to see why with its smooth much beautiful inspiration for quilts...A great day.


  1. We will be one of the crowds heading to shop/eat in Dillsboro later this week when our family comes from the West Coast for a visit. Nice that you could enjoy the parkway when you did….it’s now closed…..we attempted to go up on Monday only to find, darn it….it’s now closed for the season!

  2. What a wonderful outing- so much beauty in your area!