Sunday, November 24, 2019

PTA - River Art District

PTA this month was a field trip organized by Cathy Neiman. She is so organized and always plans the most fun outings. We started at 12 Bones restaurant, known for barbeque and smoked food...all was delicious. We were also celebrating a big birthday for Barbara seated at the head of the table.

Barbara was given this panel which had been folded up for a while. Upon unfolding it, Barbara noticed the creases to look something like a window pane, so she went back and added skinny ribbon to create that look. She also added wood grain like fabric as a border...very clever.

 Connie showed us the cutest dolls she's been working on using drapery and upholstery samples. Each is unique and different from the other, all hand embroidered.
The all have the cutest personalities created by such a wonderful use of fabric.
Dort show us her new pockets which she extended from the older pocket which are always too small to hold anything. While at the restaurant, we had a small room to ourselves and the go-ahead to write messages on the wall. Cathy, always thinking ahead brought along a bunch of magic markers for us to go to town...Some funny ones - "Hanging by a thread", and "Keeping you in stitches".
Our next stop was the River Arts District where many artists have their studios. You can walk through the buildings and if the artist is can stop and visit. Barbara Zaretsky's studio, known as BZ Design Textiles was open and welcoming us in. . Barbara is a fiber artist working in natural dyes and fibers. She dyes, discharges, stamps and screens very simplistic and elegant designs making clothing and home decor items.
Beautiful...beautiful work; we all were drooling over so many lovely pieces.
One of Barbaras machine is an old Singer. I used to teach Home Ec and had some of these metal monsters in my room...they were indestructable. They only sew back and forward but do the job. They don't make them like this anymore.
Some of her beautiful work...
Another artist that was open and we had the opportunity to see her work at Ignite Jewelry.

Peter Roux, an artist who works with oil, charcoal and acrylic on canvas had some of his work on display in the hallway.
Onto a lovely pottery place and last but not least, an adorable card and gift shop called....
Happy Ass Cards...and they were happy and so much fun to read..bought quite a few myself...don't see the one of a kind in the stores too much.

Gen and all of us were happy campers that day...Thanks Cathy for organizing such a fun day.

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  1. Always enjoy your posts of your much to see...I usually go back after I comment to look at the pictures again!!!